Landfill & Waste Management

Meeting the Equipment Needs of Florida's Waste Handling Industry

Waste handling is arguably the toughest industry in terms of wear on heavy equipment. Loads are unpredictable, the environment is abrasive and corrosive, and underfoot conditions may be unstable at best. You need durable equipment that performs reliably and safely with a minimum of operator hassle and unscheduled service, while maximizing material handling volume, compaction and operating budget.

Ring Power's Waste Division provides our valued customers with top of the line Caterpillar Waste Handling products focused on the Waste and Landfill Industry.

Purpose Built Equipment

The first equipment made for the waste industry

Minimize Waste

Landfill operations manager at North Central Landfill in Polk County, Florida explains the advantages of running Cat Equipment, compactors, articulated trucks and excavators, at their landfill operations in central Florida.

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