1200mm (48in)

48 in / 1200 mm
723 lb / 328 kg
0.74 yd³ / 0.57 m³

The Cat® Ditch Cleaning bucket allows you to expand your capabilities beyond just digging. From finishing and grading work, to cleaning ditches and other dredging applications, such as pond management, these buckets are purpose built to keep you moving and making money. Designed for Cat 311-314 hydraulic excavators or 323-330 long reach excavators working in low-impact materials like topsoil and clay.

Product Specifications
Width 48 in / 1200 mm
Tooth Count 0
Tooth Style Bolt-on Cutting Edge
Weight 723 lb / 328 kg
Capacity 0.74 yd³ / 0.57 m³
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