Cat® draglines offer the lowest material removal cost per ton, consume less power and emit fewer greenhouse gases than other methods of overburden removal, making them the most productive and environmentally friendly excavators in the industry. The Cat® 8200 offers all the innovative technology of our flagship model — the 8750 —but on a mid-range size scale. Along with a lower capital outlay compared to larger draglines, the 8200’s unique combination of technology, size and long operating life ensures the low total cost of ownership you need for a strong return on your investment. And like all Cat draglines, the 8200 is supported by a team with a century of experience, institutional knowledge and unmatched expertise.

Bucket Capability 46-61 m3 (60-80 yd3)
Boom Length 100 m (328 ft)
Working Weight - Approximate 3.8-4.1 million kg (8.5-9.1 million lb)
Dimensions - Working Ranges
Rated Suspended Load 136 077-181 437 kg (300,000-400,000 lb)
Bucket Capabilities 46-61 m3 (60-80 yd3)
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