Technical Analysis (TA) Inspection

Lower Costs and Increase Uptime

Identify potential problems with a Technical Analysis (TA) Inspection.

Get the answers you need to make the right decisions about your equipment before your equipment fails.

Are you trying to decide if you should repair, rebuild or replace your existing machine? Or, do you want to know more about the condition of a used machine you are thinking of purchasing? 

If either situation applies to you, a Technical Analysis (TA) Inspection will give you the answers you need to make the right decisions about your equipment.  

And here's the good news...a Technical Analysis can be conducted at your jobsite by our Field Service Technicians!


  • VISUAL INSPECTION | A Certified Trained Inspector will conduct an inspection through the Cat Inspect App and document areas of concern, complete with detailed descriptions and pictures.
  • PRODUCT STATUS REPORT DOWNLOAD | Data to assist in determining machine condition is captured from the machine’s ECM (Electronic Control Module). 
  • SCHEDULED OIL SAMPLING (SOS) | Samples will be taken from all oil-filled compartments and sent to Ring Power’s Caterpillar Certified Oil Lab.  After thorough analysis, a report listing potential issues and recommended actions will be provided.  
  • SITE OPERATION MAINTENANCE ADVISOR (SOMA) Report | Gain insight on how proper maintenance and well-managed site conditions combined can extend major component life to overhaul.
  • ESTIMATE OF REPAIRS  |   You'll receive a thorough estimate for all areas of concern found during the inspection process to support a decision-making plan to repair items at a before-failure level, thus lowering your owning and operating cost and leading to an increase in machine up-time.
  • PRODUCT LINK HARDWARE EVALUATION | Upgrade or installation of Product Link - Caterpillar’s onboard monitoring and transmitting hardware.

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