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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Rebuilds

Is your hydraulic cylinder experiencing leaks or failure?

Hydraulic applications are found in nearly every industrial application, from the construction, agricultural, aeronautical and marine industries to food production, manufacturing and amusement parks. Indicators of common hydraulic cylinder problems include:

  • Slow or erratic hydraulic performance
  • Increased cycle times
  • High temperatures
  • Cylinder drift
  • Head and/or rod seal oil leakage

There’s a lot more to resealing hydraulic cylinders than just installing new seals. Ring Power is committed to resealing hydraulic cylinders quickly and correctly the first time. That means using proper disassembly and assembly procedures, honing cylinder tubes, practicing contamination control on all components, and installing the industry’s best hydraulic seals. We even check for other problems—such as dented or scored rods—and we pressure test each resealed cylinder.

Ring Power's hydraulic cylinder service process begins with completely disassembling your hydraulic cylinder and a thorough inspection and cleaning of all the cylinder components. The complete hydraulic rebuild process after disassembly includes:

  • Cylinder bore light hone is performed to remove rust, scratches and/or cylinder distortions on the inside walls
  • The cylinder tube receives a thorough washing to remove contaminants generated during light honing
  • All cylinder piston and head seals are replaced
  • Rod polished
  • Piston rod nut or bolt(s) are torqued to proper specifications
  • Cylinder is reassembled
  • Cylinder is pressure tested to ensure zero internal or external leaks
Additional capabilities and warranty included: 
  • Large Hydraulic Cylinders. We handle the big jobs with a hydraulic disassembly bench and hone capable of handling cylinders up to 35 ft. in length. 
  • 1 Year/2000 Hour Warranty. Exceeding industry standards. 
  •  Quality Control. Every cylinder goes through a stringent inspection process to ensure the highest quality repair in the industry. 

Count on Ring Power's expertise to stop leaks and maximize the performance of your hydraulics system.





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Other ways our hydraulic service can save you time and money

Resealing your hydraulic cylinders quickly and effectively is just one of the many ways we can help you lower your operating costs and improve your hydraulic system’s performance.

Stop in soon and we’ll show you our wide range of repair options—including Cat Reman components—and explain how we can help you get maximum machine productivity at the lowest possible cost.

Ring Power helps you keep your costs low and your cylinders performing at peak efficiency.

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