Re-chroming hydraulic cylinder rods faster and with far superior wear

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ACT™ is the revolutionary alternative to chrome plating hydraulic cylinder rods

Restoring cylindrical chromed metal surfaces is now safer, faster and more convenient than ever before with Advanced Chrome Technologies (ACT™), a high-velocity, thermal coating process available exclusively at Ring Power.

ACT, a high-velocity oxy-fuel spray coating process (HVOF), is ideal for resurfacing cylindrical metal parts, up to 20” in diameter and 20’ in length including:
• Hydraulic cylinder rods
• Strut rods
• Linkage pins
• Rotating shafts

What are the benefits of resurfacing cylinder rods using ACT?

EXTENDED ROD LIFE & ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Laboratory tests revealed hydraulic cylinder seal failure at 350,000 cycles on traditional chrome rods, whereas ACT-coated rods continued performing even after one million stroke cycles.

FASTER TURNAROUND: Parts are resurfaced within 24 hours – eliminating the time and cost involved in shipping to specialized re-chroming facilities – resulting in your equipment back in service quickly. We resurface rods up to 20 inches in diameter and up to 20 feet long.

SUPERIOR WEAR: The high-density metal alloy coating, with only one percent porosity, is extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and offers more durability to withstand the kind of scratching and abuse that occurs in harsh job environments.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: No harmful chemical agents are required, and no dangerous byproducts are produced by the process, eliminating the need for costly disposal operations required by stringent governmental regulations.

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…the hydraulic cylinders with ACT coated rods still going strong even after 1 million [stroke cycles]"

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