Cat® Certified Machine Rebuild

One Machine, Multiple Lives

Get the most out of your investment

Rebuild Your Equipment For "Like-New" Performance

Take advantage of the extra value built into your Cat® equipment.

The Cat® Certified Rebuild Program returns your end-of-life machines, systems and components to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

What sets the Cat® Certified Rebuild Program apart from other options?

  • INSPECTION/EVALUATION - Perform fluid analysis, visual inspections and review available service history
  • COMPLETE DISASSEMBLY - Conduct an extensive inspection of all parts and components
  • RECONDITIONING - Complete work not included in a typical overhaul (e.g., frames, linkage pins, shaft bearings, electronic control modules, software)
  • ENGINEERING UPDATES - Recondition components to include the latest engineering designs
  • REASSEMBLY - Replace approximately 7,000 parts with new or remanufactured Cat parts; maintain all critical torques, clearances and pressure settings; replace all wiring
  • PERFORMANCE TESTING - Bench test the engine, fuel system, transmission, torque converter, differential, final drives and radiator; conduct turbocharger boost, stall speed rpm, throttle response, transmission and steering clutch response, and hydraulic and pilot relief valve pressure tests
  • REPAINTING - Paint the machine; apply model identity graphics and Cat Certified Rebuild decal
  • FINAL INSPECTION - Thoroughly inspect the rebuilt machine and assign a Rebuild Identification Number (RIN), which provides it with a brand new identity
  • CUSTOMER EVALUATION - Ensure satisfaction with performance in the working environment


Every Cat Certified Rebuild includes a like-new warranty on all replaced parts, and you can choose to add an optional Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) to protect your machine, power train, hydraulic or machine component rebuild.  




Find out more in the Cat® Certified Machine Rebuild Brochure


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