Ring Power's Second Life Machine Rebuild

Gain new life out of your heavy equipment

Get the most out of your investment

Cat® Equipment Is Built to Be Rebuilt.

When most competitive machines would require replacement, Cat® equipment can be rebuilt to deliver a cost-effective “second life”. 

Get the most out of your original machine investment with a Ring Power Second Life Machine Rebuild.

A Ring Power Second Life Machine Rebuild can be customized according to your machine's condition and your budget - for maximum flexibility and affordability.



A custom rebuild plan and cost estimate are developed based on evaluation results. 


Your machine will be disassembled down to the bare frame - including every nut and bolt. 


Each part is thoroughly inspected and measured against strict reusability guidelines.  Parts that don't meet requirements will be reconditioned or replaced with new Caterpillar parts.  Satisfactory parts will be individually sandblasted, primed and repainted to restore that “like new” appearance. 


All critical torques, clearances and pressure settings are maintained and recorded during machine reassembly 


Rigorous testing is conducted at several stages to maintain quality control.  Instrument and operational testing is conducted to ensure field performance levels match those in the shop.  Other tests include turbocharger boost, throttle response, stall speed rpm, transmission and steering clutch response, and hydraulic and pilot relief valve pressures. Strict contamination control procedures are followed.  


Learn more in our Second Life Machine Rebuild Brochure.



Second Life Machine Rebuild

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