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Hydraulic hoses are critical to a machine’s ability to operate properly. when a hose breaks, it means costly downtime for your equipment.

Our team can troubleshoot and build the hydraulic hose you need within 45 minutes*. Our outstanding inventory of high-quality hydraulic hoses ensures that we have the right hose to match your needs and specification.  

We carry a large selection of light, medium, and high-pressure hydraulic hoses, fittings, and adapters for most applications and are available in a broad range of pressure tolerances, materials, and fitting styles. Our hoses are “Certified, Crimped and Cleaned” to Caterpillar specifications.  Each hose we build comes with a set of seals, foam core plug cleaning, and end-capped to prevent contaminants.  Cat hose products are engineered as a system to deliver the strongest possible hose/coupling connection. These products are tested far beyond industry standards.

Mobile On-Site & Emergency Repairs available 24/7

* During branch hours; Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm. 


Hydraulic hose repair

Convenient Ways to Order


Speedy Service |

Fast turnaround times (usually less than 45 minutes) and service while you wait. We even have a 24/7 emergency after-hour service.  When there’s a problem, you need it fixed fast. Ring Power offers immediate service solutions to get you up and running quickly and safely. A complete inventory of hose and couplings in stock, so that your hose repairs can be made quickly for any and all makes and models of equipment.

Mixed Fleet |

We don’t just know Cat machines, we are experts in non-Cat equipment too. We can identify any hose and coupling to provide you with a superior Cat Hose and Coupling to match.​ Your whole fleet can benefit from Cat Hose and Couplings. No matter what equipment you are running, our hose and couplings are built to fit and keep every fleet running longer.

Built to Last |

High-quality hose products mean fewer hose changes.  Not all hoses are made the same. Our Cat hoses are built with cutting-edge machinery and quality control for the maximum precision, strength, and durability you need.

Dependable Design |

A broad line of high, medium, and low-pressure hoses and couplings are engineered and tested far beyond industry standards for top performance and long life. Cat hose assembly products and tooling are ultra-flexible and designed to work as a coordinated system in the most challenging conditions, even on non-Cat equipment.

Rigorous Testing |

Cat Hydraulic Hose and Couplings undergo rigorous industry testing as a system, not as separate components to create a perfect fit that delivers maximum safety for your entire fleet. Load, pressure, impulse, temperature, burst, abrasion tested. Cat hose products represent the industry standard for superior performance and reliability and are MSHA approved.

Warranty You Can Count On | 

Exclusive one-year warranty on all hydraulic hose repair assemblies.



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