Clamp Master for Hydraulic Excavators

Safer & Easier Track Installation

Get back to work faster!

The New Clamp Master

Safer and easier track installation for Cat® Excavators!

Caterpillar’s new Clamp Master saves you time and money by making track installation on most models of Cat® Hydraulic Excavators safer and easier than ever. The improved clamping master track link assembly replaces both slip style and press fit joints. With this innovative design, use of a portable field press is unnecessary—which means you get back to work faster.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved master joint that addresses durability and serviceability in a single design
  • 25% better pin retention than a press fit master, removing the risk of damage to the cotter pin
  • Eliminates the need for a portable field press
  • No special master pin required for track master link

Safety Improvements

  • Safely remove and install the track without tooling, presses, driving pins, or hammers.


Recommended Use

The Clamp Master is available for any standard hydraulic excavator in 7.5” pitch size class (315-326) covering all types of Undercarriages, including General Duty and Heavy Duty.


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