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One of the biggest challenges in the dirt-moving business is finding equipment that can handle tough job sites with less-than-ideal underfoot conditions—terrains that are too soft for heavy machines.

Ring Power has partnered with Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) to offer a construction-grade earthmoving solution that is saving our customers time and money – truckloads at a time!  The MTS 3630 construction tow tractors are proving their own value and aligning with the MTS focus of how much dirt the machines can move each second, rather than hours, days, or even months.    

The raw strength and the large towing capacity of the MTS 3630 Tractor combine to far exceed the production, reliability, and durability of leading agriculture tractors found on construction sites. With Genuine Cat parts, these heavy duty machines are sure to help you for years to come.


  • Built specifically for construction-grade earthmoving (not a modified field tractor)
  • Cat C18 engine delivers exceptional power density with a power rating of 630 hp
  • Cat TA22 powershift transmission is fine tuned for construction applications, provides 16 fx 4r speeds and a top speed of 21 mph
  • Articulated steering eliminates the side slope and turning problems tractors with single long rubber belts often experience
  • Large cab, unique positioning of exhaust and Tier IV package provide unparalleled operator visibility 
  • Heavy duty rear axle designed to accept an industry leading 34,000 lbs of vertical hitch load
  • Four lower undercarriage rollers straddle the centerline of the final drive case and provide "walking beam" suspension
  • Available in tracked and wheeled versions
  • Parts and service supplied by and backed Ring Power and the global Cat dealer network
Every construction project starts with the groundwork.
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Available Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) Products:

3630T Construction Grade Tractor

Engine HP at Rated RPM:  630 hp at 2,000 rpm

Engine:  Caterpillar ACERT C18 Tier 4 Final

Transmission:  Caterpillar TA22H

23-28 Tractor-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  28.2yd^3

Apron Opening:  69 in

Width:  144 in

MT-28 Tractor-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  33.6yd^3

Apron Opening:  75 in

Width:  154 in


28-33 Tractor-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  33yd^3

Apron Opening:  76 in

Width:  164 in


MT-33 Tractor-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  39.6yd^3

Apron Opening: 81 in

Width:  166 in

33LGP Tractor or Truck-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  39.6yd^3

Apron Opening:  81 in

Width:  166 in

42LGP Truck-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  42yd^3

Apron Opening:  82 in

Width:  169 in


42XL Truck-Towed Scraper

Capacity:  42yd^3

Apron Opening:  82 in

Width:  169 in


More about Mobile Track Solutions: 

Headquartered in Elkader, IA, MTS is a family owned business that has matured and risen to the challenges associated with their recent phenomenal growth.  A unique benefit to their manufacturing business is their sister company; C.J. Moyna & Sons – a mid-western contracting business that also subcontracts in Ring Power territory in North and Central Florida.  It is common for their engineering managers to run MTS machines on jobsites to receive a first-hand experience and feedback from other operators – which they use to improve the design of the tractors. MTS manufactures construction-grade tracked and wheeled tractors, tractor- and truck-towed scrapers and earthmoving support equipment such as construction disks, rollerblades and sheepsfoot rollers.




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