Total Maintenance & Repair Agreements (TMR)

Ultimate Cost Management

A Flat Rate For All Maintenance and Repair Costs 

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs

A Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Agreement is a written contract covering all of the maintenance and repair costs of your equipment for a specified period of time. So instead of paying for maintenance or repairs as they are needed, you pay one flat rate to cover all aspects of parts and services. With a TM&R Agreement, you won’t have to worry about maintenance intervals or paying for repairs. It’s the ultimate cost management tool for all types of equipment, which provides:

  • Simplified, fixed pricing
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Expert service by highly trained technicians using genuine Cat parts
  • Freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your business
  • Increased resale value

What can be included?

A TM&R Agreement is flexible and custom designed to fit your business needs, your equipment and your applications. There are no pre-set requirements or specific services that you must agree to buy. Instead, we will help you analyze how you work, where you work and the extent of your service capabilities to determine the type of agreement that is right for you.

Examples of services included:
  • Dedicated Equipment Maintenance Specialist
  • Major powertrain repairs, including the engine, torque converter/transmission, differential, steering clutch and final drive
  • Hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder repairs
  • Repairs to hoses, seals, belts and batteries
  • Replacement of Ground Engaging Tools at the end of their serviceable life
  • Undercarriage maintenance and/or replacement 
  • Technical and visual inspections
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Safe disposal of waste oil and filters
  • Lubrication of fittings
  • S•O•S Fluid Analysis for oil and coolant



Is a TM&R Agreement right for you?

Let's sit down and review your current costs for maintenance and repairs—everything from routine oil and filter changes to major engine or drive train repairs. We can then compare those costs to a Total Maintenance & Repair Agreement that covers the same tasks. Depending on your machines, their applications and other factors, you may find that a Total Maintenance & Repair Agreement is a more cost effective option.

Call your local Ring Power branch to find out if a Total Repair & Maintenance Agreement is the right choice for your business.

View the TM&R Brochure.




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